Who We Are

• We are one of the largest, most diverse private universities in Libya.

• We are ambition and intent University. We explore and share ideas.

• We widen access to learning and serve our learners with passion and equip them for success. ،

• We are a modern, forward-thinking university.

• We are the University for Tomorrow. More

Why The University of Alrefak

The University of Alrefak is characterized by many advantages, the most important of which is:

• The university attaches special importance to the applied aspect in the educational process, as it provides the latest laboratories and equipment available to create a training environment that enables the student to acquire the necessary skills.

• Attracting the best academic competencies, as the university works to attract scientific competencies with high scientific potential

and long experience in the educational aspect, based on updated teaching programs that are constantly developed.

•The Alrefak University is one of the pillars of the national economy as it works to reduce the congestion of public universities, and allows them various fields of distinguished university education.

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A Scientific Symposium Entitled

Published by Monday, September 26, 2022 1

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In collaboration with the English department

Published by Monday, September 26, 2022 1

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The Petroleum Engineering Department intends to cooperate with the agent of Neuralog company

Published by Monday, September 26, 2022 1

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Digital Repository

The digital repository aims to display the published refereed articles and scientific research of the university at the local and global level, and to provide a permanent portal to access the resources of the university, and the digital repository also contains master's and doctoral theses, educational lectures, conference work, journal articles, university manuals and student projects.


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The university is always looking for excellence, so it is keen to survey the opinion of the beneficiaries and measure their satisfaction with the website of the university, so we hope that you will answer this questionnaire.

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